Hey! Mr. DJ can help promote your event beforehand to get the maximum possible attendance, and therefore profit, out of your school dance.  On average, school dance attendance was up 25-30% last year over previous dances when Hey! Mr. DJ dance promotion options were used.

Be sure to ask about our dance promotion options available.  We can create custom morning announcement commercials [example] (audio or video), a website (hosted on HeyMrDJ.net), stickers, temporary tattoos, t-shirts, and just about anything else you can imagine.  We know that dance committees, student council, and other dance sponsors rely on attendance to pay off the costs of the event, and hopefully make a profit in the end as well.  Our goal is to maximize your profits by increasing dance attendance. 

Once your group experiences one Hey! Mr. DJ event, the name will speak for itself.  Until then, dance promotion options are highly recommended.  Be sure to ask what we can do for you.



Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment - (513) 617-5817 - info@heymrdj.net