Year Round:

Showdown - A great way for outgoing people to show off their dancing skills and represent their gender!

Scavenger Chairs - Similar to musical chairs, with a twist: you are on a mission to find selected objects in the room before you can take a seat!

Company Line Dance - Using your employee's best moves we'll help you create a line dance unique to your company.

Trivia Games - We have several trivia style games that can be played in a team style format and tweaked to fit your company or even be about your company.

Holiday Specialties:

My Boss The Christmas Tree - featured in the photo on our Holiday Parties page.  Department heads or bosses are decorated and judged on creativity, style, and originality.

Twelve Days of Christmas - A traditional sing-along with a twist... each table sings a day, and a selected boss or supervisor sings a solo each time as well!

Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner - A special Christmas Murder Mystery provided in conjunction with an outside performance company!



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